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local: 651.698.3333

shipping information

We FOB out of 3 US locations: east coast, west coast, and Minnesota.  Customers are responsible for all shipping and packaging charges.  Shipping instructions, shipping method, delivery address, and delivery date must be included in the PO.  Changes to shipping instructions must be in writing, approved by us, and submitted at least 72 hours prior to the ship date.  We will not be responsible for delays or additional charges created by any unapproved changes.  We may ship orders up to 3 days prior to customer’s ship date without notifying the customer.  Orders are not insured unless requested on the PO or in writing. 

Split shipments

For split shipments to more than three locations, a split shipment charge of $6.50 per location will apply. 
Additional charges may apply for some split shipments.  Please call factory for details.


Blind ship/ Labeling

We are more than happy to assist you with blind shipping and creating labels and sticker items for you.  Please contact the office for an exact quote.


Unless specified, we reserve the right to ship via the carrier of our choice in order to meet your in-hands date.  Shipping via third party accounts or the United States Postal Service may require additional fees.

Damaged shipments

Customers should file claims with the specific carrier for any delayed, lost, or damaged shipments.  Extended Exposure will be happy to assist with this process. No refunds, credits or returns will be given to a customer if not initiated within 15 days of receipt of goods or shipment. Damaged claims should be filed within 15 calendar days after receipt of the merchandise. For breakage claims, keep the original packaging slip and broken merchandise until claim is accepted by Extended Exposure.